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A new relationship with food (all thanks to Noom)

The lack of a referral code should prove that I'm not getting paid to say this.

Before Noom I thought I understood what foods were healthy and what foods weren't. Couldn't keep weight off, though.

I always knew the old adage of "Fitness starts in the kitchen, not the gym."  I thought I lived it. I was wrong.

Noom helped educate me on the concept of "calorie density", and how certain foods are insanely high (they call them "red" foods) while others are average to low (yellow or red).

After a tough day I'd grab just a handful of nuts, a tiny piece of cheese, some water, and relax. Then eat dinner. Once I started using Noom I realized those were red, aka calorie dense foods. That tiny snack was 600 calories! The extra slice of cheese on my tortilla wrap sandwich, the extra 6-8 tortilla chips, turns out I was eating 2700 calories/day. No wonder I was 235+ pounds at 6'1, no matter how much I worked out.

Within 5 days of using Noom my snacks completely changed and I was dropping 1/2 pound PER DAY. 

The best part - there were days I could not physically eat more as I was just stuffed. But it was stuff like chicken, fruits, and vegetables. Dessert was often nearly a half bag of grapes. Ultra low density, ultra sweet. Everyone likes grapes!

Wait no that's not the best part. I have a family member with Celiac disease, everything I ate was also gluten free. I'm slowly putting my recipes up on CafeVivek.Com if you need them.


6/14/21 -> 11/17/21

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