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Jukka's Story. A lifetime of fitness.

Fitness has always been a part of my life. My mom was a super athlete when she was young, but didn't compete in sports while she raised my brother and I. Dad was a world class track and field athlete. In our house, every day was the Olympics. Pull ups, push ups, sprints around the block, wrestling, arm wrestling (until we broke mom's favorite table), and other things that destroyed the house. Good thing dad was a machinist, and handy guy, with the ultimate set of tools and skills. The summers he would tear up the back yard lawn so I could make a BMX track. We also trained and raced together in 5 and 10K races, with him usually edging me. 

I grew up playing and competing in just about all sports, including skiing, shooting, car racing. In 1986, I completed my first triathlon and finished top 10 overall, even ahead of some super pros! After that race, I turned pro and was on the Nike team headed up by Mark Allen. 

I have completed over 300 triathlons in my lifetime and received multiple awards:

  • 15 ITU world championships represented Team USA

  • Multiple US National Champ, All-American

  • National overall male/female winner and with Title Fittest Athlete: Avia Fitness Challenge (precursor to CrossFit games)

In addition to triathlons, I have also tried my hand at adventure racing. I spent many years as a world elite Adventure Racer and Eco-Challenger with multiple championship wins. 


​In 2002, I was a try-out qualifier for the USA Olympic team for winter Biathlon.

Over the years, I incorporated coaching into my life. I was the USA Rugby team's Certified Coach and Match Clinician as well as an All American and All Star girls and boys coach where 70+ matriculated to D1-2 and elite rugby teams. Some more of my coaching experience includes:

  • NICA Certified HS MTB coach, head coach Piedmont High School, NorCal League D1

  • ACSM Strength and Conditioning Coach, Olympic and Professional Athletes, NBA, NFL, USTaF

I have always had a passion for fitness which further motivates my work. 

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