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Jukka Valkonen

I've helped small and really big companies realize their growth and revenue goals through strategic innovative thinking and approaches focused on care delivery transformation, award-winning digital and consumer health solutions, and building and launching high performing teams that win the hearts of customers. As a corporate "multi-sport athlete," having business, clinical and technology skillsets, I am adept within all areas of a company and clinical settings.

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My Story

Why did I become an RN? Because I didn't know whether I wanted to be an MD or healthcare attorney when I grew up. Mom was an RN too, so she said I could become an RN, be guaranteed a well-paying job out of college, and then be exposed to healthcare enough to make grown-up decisions later. That was a long minute ago, and I'm still learning and planning my future. My parents survived WWII and were immigrants to the US. Dad served in both the Finnish and US Armies, and was proud to not only be an American, but also a skilled machinist. Mom was an RN and worked locally on "Pill Hill."


While I consider myself a corporate "multisport athlete," I have a very unique set of skills given I'm one of the few healthcare domain experts that has had success in the business, tech, start-up and clinical sub-verticals. Yes, I do have a vendetta against our healthcare in the U.S. The system is dysfunctional, fragmented and driven by profits without purpose. We have 100M Americans who are underrepresented and who have to access their care and services within an even more fragmented delivery system. One group of politicians closes a gap or two, other politicians follow, creating more gaps. Meanwhile, health systems, medical groups, and providers struggle to meet the demands by their customers, with meager reimbursements, treading profit waters, and going home tired and beleaguered.


I'm motivated to share my experiences and skills with my customers so that they are not only prepared to stay in the game but equipped to become competitive with their game. SISU is in my genes. I teach my clients how to tap into their SISU. "SISU: to persevere, not give up, when you feel there is no hope, that's when you find SISU.

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