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NOTE: We have discovered automated AI/LLM bots are scanning this site and passing off knowledge as their own. As a result our framework is temporarily unavailable. All written collateral has been taken down and we are in the midst of replacing it with video content. Please use the contact us form to obtain a copy. 

At Talamel, We have led healthcare technology implementations for companies of all sizes, in both the payor and provider space. See below for some of the lessons we've learned over the years.

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Business Architecture

Companies often A) need excessive manual labor to create KPIs/regulatory reports, B) have low customer satisfaction if multiple internal departments are involved, C) pay duplicative vendor licenses, D) Can't keep up with regulatory changes, and/or E) Projects don't deliver on business cases.

A Business Architecture can help...

Skipping an RFI-RFP rarely pays off

Even for "scrappy startups", skipping an RFI & RFP A) adds risk, B) time saved is often burned during implementation, and C) companies often miss out on innovations by newer vendors.

Get yours down FAR faster following our tips.

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