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Vivek's Journey. It may not be yours, though.

I'm going to tell you how I progressed in my fitness journey and hope that you'll find some inspiration to create your own. Because only you can write your own story. You have a unique set of strengths, stressors, life limitations, and interests that nobody else has. Following a prescription from sites that tell you what YOU should do will always fail because of that.

It's too much for one page, here are the basics. Click into each section for a video and writeup.  

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Phase 1: Get moving.

I'm overweight, not moving enough. I got a Peloton so I could keep active from home. (My referral link for $100 off) . Alas I only rode 2x/week but that's better than nothing. No weight loss or fitness gain but it stops the decline.

Phase 2: You'll never out-exercise a bad diet.

It's been said fitness starts in the kitchen. Yup. I get on Noom. Within 10 days I'm dropping 1/2 POUNDS PER DAY. I realized my diet consisted of high "calorie density" foods, where even eating a wee bit packed a punch. Nuts & cheese were the worst.

Click here to learn more.

Phase 3: Begin a hint of outdoor running.

After I dropped 25 pounds and running wasn't so hard on my back/knees I try my first run. It was a 2.5 mile run/walk but was more walking than running. I didn't mind, I had my baseline.

Click here to see my path to ramp up to run a half marathon (COMING SOON)

Phase 4: Buy an outdoor bike and realize I can crush outdoor rides.

I bought an outdoor bike to try something new. Realized my time on the Peloton trained me well, I was instantly above average for group rides with people who had been riding for 20 years as the Peloton built up the right set of muscles.

Click here to see how I did two 100-mile bike rides 2 weeks apart 5.5 months after buying that bike. (COMING SOON)

Phase 5: (current): Lets see if I can do a triathlon. Or 6.

Realize if I can run 6.2 miles / 10K and bike 50 miles without much effort, a triathlon can't be that much harder. I target 5 in 2023, as I'm turning 55. 2 Sprints, 2 Olympic distance, and 1 Half-ironman.  

Click here to see my typical weekly training schedule. (COMING SOON)

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